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Posted by: Adrian Irving
Date/Time: 17/11/14 10:20:00

I am no watchmaker but I have a longcase clock that has stopped from time to time and have had it professionally looked at† no inconsiderable expense.
The last time I had a problem I thought I would take a look myself. Having removed the front and weights I got to work and could see that the wire cable had overlapped itself on the grooved drum.† I lifted it little sprung arm that that engages to the cog that regulated the weight which allows you to pull the cable out. I then carefully rewound the cable correctly. Job done.
The other thing to try is to oil the spindles. It is probably best to google this before going ahead. The main thing is to use a tiny amount of oil. I used a cocktail stick dipped into olive oil. (NOT WD40!)
This worked well on a mantle clock I did a couple of years ago and is still going strong. This was after I was told by a man in The Bush it needed a new main spring which I knew was rubbish.
What I am saying I suppose is that with a little research you may well be able to sort out a very simple fault yourself. Itís not that difficult.

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