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Topic: Re:Weekly street clean
Posted by: Richard Jennings
Date/Time: 13/11/14 23:08:00

"I have a list of dates if anyone wants them"

But if it's every Thursday, the list hardly seems necessary.

The previous schedule for my road (Duke Road) was every other Thursday, so weekly would be an an improvement, assuming your roads are not specially privileged (or not especially dirty). :-)

But what does "cleansed" mean?  For most of the year it seems to mean that the litter gets removed if you're lucky, and not much else.

This autumn, I've seen various attempts to deal with leaves, including blowing them off the pavements and on to the carriageway, sweeping them up and bagging them for later collection, and using a vacuum hose to suck them into a truck. It all seems very random, and presumably not part of the weekly "cleansing" schedule.

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