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Topic: Amazing Amazon
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 13/11/14 13:21:00

Amazon are advertising for a 'flight operations engineer'to work for their Prime Air Flight service which they are setting up in Cambridge.The job will be monitoring flights on streets, and performing safety analyses to ensure operations are safe.They claim that starting next year, they will start to make deliveries by drones.These drones are small unmanned flying machines, which will enable Amazon to deliver items bought on line to be delivered to their customers within 30 minutes of the transactions taking place.These drones will begin making deliveries firstly in the USA, with operations beginning in the UK shortly afterwards.No other details have been released as to how these deliveries will be made, but it looks like it could be the beginning of something very different in the way we shop.If Amazon do get this off the ground, it'll be interesting to see how they will stop some enterprising oik from taking control of the drone in flight and making off with it's cargo.At the same time it has been announced that 'self drive cars' are now being trialled. You just have to get in, set your destination and sit back.The car will take you, unsupervised to your office or wherever you want to go.You can just sit back and read the paper or have a cup of coffee.I think we are definitely on the verge of an interesting new age in engineering and innovation.Medicine is also making great leaps with genetic engineering taking a bigger part in treatments.Functioning organs have been grown in labs, and transplantable organs are are real possibility within a generation.With so much knowledge about how specific drugs can now be targeted on malignant tumours, a cure for cancer also seems to be much closer.Children born today will have a fantastic future with many more living healthily to 100+ years.

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