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Topic: Re:Fake or not > You decide
Posted by: Pete Mayes
Date/Time: 12/11/14 18:52:00

Hey Dude...I think they may be playing Mind Games with you...maybe you should just Let It be?At least the forum may Help     you, I hope any fraudster gets Instant Karma.Why dont you get a Ticket To Ride down there and have a look.Is it a Woman    whos selling? Cant you find her and say Dont Let me Down    is it a fake? get it wrong and you will feel a Nowhere Man.Do your money and you will feel like   your Starting Over  get it right though and youll be  A Working Class Hero and ill be a Jealous Guy

The way I look at it you should Give this Peace a Chance, or go Cold Turkey  and forget about it  but if its on your mind How Do You Sleep At Night

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