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Posted by: Charlotte Kasner
Date/Time: 11/11/14 12:58:00

Hear, hear! There is a burgeoning problem of obesity among pets as well as people, bolstered by the pet food industry that markets products anthropomorphically.

Many owners have little or no understanding of the nutritional needs of their pets or of the food that they are feeding. Many owners believe that dogs are carnivores (they are omnivores) and need as much meat as possible in their diet so they add meat to complete diets and overload their dog with protein.

The wrong type of effort and thought is going into selling, preparation and presentation of pet food - ie commercially minded. There are several very good feed companies out there, but with new companies springing up on a regular basis and current labelling legislation, it is not easy for owners to make an informed choice.

What is certain is that this kind of misguided representation is not going to help dogs.

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