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Topic: Decomposing mouse behind radiator
Posted by: Jean Ross
Date/Time: 08/11/14 11:05:00

To all the very very many cat owners... How do I deal with this stinking situation.  Judging by it's tail which was hanging down under the radiator very large and may even be a baby rat. 

I can't get at it from the side because it's between  the brackets the radiator is hung on.  It's a double radiator in an awkward corner. It's tight to the skirting so I can't push it down. 

I've tried pushing plastic bags up from the bottom and in the hope that would come up when pushed it up with a yard length wooden ruler  or pieces of cardboard  I've tried from the top trying to dislodge with said ruler.  Nothing except odd bits of fur and making the smell even worse>   

Any ideas of what next?     I am not capable of removing the radiator which   I have turned that off to prevent further cooking smells! 

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