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Topic: Re:Re:All Night Tube
Posted by: Al Webber
Date/Time: 08/11/14 09:47:00

It will never be 24/7.  There needs to be time to do work on the track and signalling.

The weekend proposals that are planned now are going to cause major headaches for the guys who maintain the track.  At the moment, if they need to replace a set of points then they normally do it on a Saturday night because they have longer to do it then.

It's likely that there will be a lot more "engineering overruns" in the future as these bigger jobs will have to be done on weekday nights.

You would need a third track on each line to be able to have 24 hour running, so that you could maintain one while running on the other two.  I believe that this is what New York does.  Building hundreds of kilometres of new tunnels through London, and demolishing thousands of buildings whose foundations would be in the way is not going to happen.

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