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Topic: Re:Are Ibis Cars still the best?
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 06/11/14 15:06:00

I have used Monarch for years but they let me down twice recently without any communication or apology so I tried Ibis.  Ibis have been punctual and reliable - I like the fact they text you to confirm the booking - but have found them rather abrupt - don't expect a 'bedside manner' from bookers or drivers, sometimes difficult when you are transporting sick animals.   Monarch have been very good for years, I am hoping the two failures are a blip but I would always phone after the booking to check they have it in the diary.  And despite the crustiness of one of the booking guys, most of the drivers are very pleasant and very helpful in transporting animals (you need to specify that first, as with every cab company a lot of drivers won't take animals especially dogs).

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