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Topic: Holiday dialysis - question
Posted by: Birna Helgadottir
Date/Time: 05/11/14 18:24:00

This is a long-shot but I'm hoping someone has experience of this, to save me a tedious bureaucratic search.
I have a visitor coming from Iceland who needs dialysis (haemodialysis) while he is here. Iceland is in the EEA area so there should be reciprocal health insurance arrangements with the NHS, furthermore the health insurance system in Iceland should cover most of the cost (the rest to be met by the patient - this is NOT a case of 'NHS tourism'!).
The problem is that the system back in Iceland is only coming up with private hospitals which are inconveniently situated and very expensive. Does anyone know if there are any NHS west London hospitals offering "holiday dialysis" services, perhaps as part of their private operations?

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