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Topic: Telephone scam - Sapphire magazine and free fuel vouchers
Posted by: Leslie Wilson
Date/Time: 05/11/14 16:11:00

A new, or perhaps not so new, scam:

you receive a call saying that, as a result of an online survey you completed some time ago, you have qualified for twenty pounds worth of fuel vouchers with the compliments of Sapphire magazine.

The magazine is described as a cancer charity fund raising vehicle ... and so on and so forth.

There is trial subscription offered ... for only 1.

However ... it is a scam:

Sapphire Magazine has received two emails from the United Kingdom stating that a Sapphire staff member contacted them offering them a no obligation subscription to Sapphire Magazine. They mentioned a survey they did not remember taking, and one woman was told that she also won a gas card. To have the magazine and/or gas card mailed to you, they required a credit/debit card to be charged a small amount of money for shipping.


Sapphire Magazine,, is a FREE online publication, and no Sapphire staff member will call you requesting money. Please do not give your personal information to anyone pretending to be from Sapphire Magazine.

If you have already given your personal information to someone posing as a Sapphire employee, please contact your financial institution and/or the proper authorities immediately.

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