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Topic: Klassi Hairdressers are superb.
Posted by: Fiona Hanson
Date/Time: 05/11/14 12:05:00

Heads up ladies and gentlemen! We all value extra special hairdressers don't we? There is one in Chiswick. For the last two years I have been using Lindsay and Gio at Klassi Hairdressers at Bedford Corner on The Avenue. My hair has never looked better cut and coloured. I'm delighted to finally enjoy it, having always written it off as flat, fine, boring and somehow not quite fitting my head very well - regardless of how much I'd spent elsewhere. I feel Klassi have a high intuitive understanding of what enhances each person's natural appearance and of ensuring the style is easy to maintain. Bonuses are that their products are all organic, parking nearby is easier than the High Road and it's a minute from Turnham Green Tube.

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