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Topic: Would you like a cat? (from Maria)
Posted by: S Powell
Date/Time: 02/11/14 14:07:00

Maria has asked me to post this message, if anyone would like this cat (which as you can see can be brought up to London), you can p/m me and I'll pass it on to Maria

"This is for friends in the Sheffield area mainly; long story but I really want to find a home for a neglected, homeless cat living in and around the garden of my old house in Stocksbridge. She came to greet me when I was at the house yesterday, she's a sweet little thing - black with a reddish tinge, particularly on her tail. She looks fairly young. There isn't anywhere for her to go, none of the shelters have space. I almost bundled her up there and then but I couldn't bring her home just like that. Can anyone help please??? I am even willing to go up and bring her to London if I don't get any offers from people in the area. I can foster her for a while but she needs somewhere permanent. None of the neighbours want her"

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