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Topic: Recreational ground update
Posted by: Jan Paul Rosen
Date/Time: 31/10/14 12:24:00

At long last work is due to commence on Monday to update the rest of the Recreational ground at the Strand on the Green. Following the upgrade of the playground this summer the other works that take place over the next 6 weeks include the following improvements:-
1. Complete renewal of the entrance by removing the old decrepid WC building and adding a new entrance, railings and gate.
2. Relay and repair the entrance tarmac space and path down to the playground.
3. Repair and renew broken fencing adjacent to the allotments
4. Repair the worn grass with new grass and new goal posts.
5. Add a climbing wall and a new set of swings to the far side of the playground to provide more play facilities for older children
6. Prune the branches of the plain trees along the playground and path

Hopefully the work will be complete in December. We are also hoping that local residents can get involved to help with some needed repainting to the park's walls and playground railings and perhaps assist in new plantings to the flowerbeds at the entrance to the Rec for next spring

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