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Posted by: S Powell
Date/Time: 28/10/14 16:11:00

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             CHRISTMAS DOG BOX APPEAL

Will you be Secret Santa to a homeless dog spending a chilly Christmas in a Cyprus pound?

Please get creative and festive if you want to join in making your special box (shoe box recommended).  Inside you could put blankets, toys, treats, collars, leads, doggie jumpers for when it gets so cold in the pounds but also please don't forget much needed wormer, tick & flea treatments which all the rescues so badly need! There are some very good over the counter ones such as panacur granules and Frontline! Poundland have some great doggie bargains.

You then need to write on the your box very clearly whether this is for a puppy or dog & size if necessary (jumpers included)

Boxes need to be received  by 21st November at the latest.

The address to send your box to in the UK is:

Linda Demetriou
Demco communications Ltd
Units 24 & 25 Hallmark Trading Centre
Fourth Way
Wembley, Middx

Linda will be shipping the boxes to various Cyprus rescue shelters including PAWS, SPDC, Pound Dogs Limassol, Dali Dog Pound and Sirius.

Thank you :)

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