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Topic: Abandoned Cat
Posted by: Helen Whitman
Date/Time: 23/10/14 15:14:00

Someonbe has abandoned a beautiful  super friendly tabby cat in our road and it has been living outside for the past few months.  Now the weather has changed my neighbours and I feel we can't just leave it out all winter.  I have asked everyone in the street and it belongs to no-one.  I am taking it to the vet to check for a chip and to see what sex it is and approximately how old it is.  They have said if it has no chip I can leave it with them and they will give it a health check etc and then hand it on to HAWs. I know HAWs are inundated with cats at the moment so I thought I would try and find a home for it - I would love to keep it as it is the most loving friendly cat I have ever met (so someone must have been nice to it) but I have a dog and a cat and they wont accept it.  It is over weight at the moment as people in the street are feeding it.  What it really needs is a loving home.  Anyone interested?

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