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Topic: Re::Re:Re:Re:Anti-Chiswick conspiracy!!
Posted by: Thomas Barry
Date/Time: 23/10/14 14:19:00

"There is talk about the railway crossing being a danger as it is so close to the primary school (the school must have doubled it's intake of pupils since the new build was finished) and  the warning sounds/lights are disturbing the locals"

First I'd heard about it was on Twitter a couple of days ago where someone asked me if I'd heard anything.  I hadn't.

Rumour then was that local residents were trying to stir Mary Macleod up into backing closure of the crossing, but the reasons were unclear.  Child safety is a total canard on these occasions, of course, GPPS only permit walking to school from age 7 and from school somewhat later, at which point kids will have had rail safety lessons at school.

"Also it has been said that a new bridge would be built( with disabled access/lifts)"

Given that it's a well used cycling route with no reasonable alternatives, that's hardly a substitute.  It's a bit of a stretch to imagine an underpass would be possible, and a ramped bridge would be rather long.

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