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Topic: W4 Yoga Class by Chiswick Yoga - 21/10/14
Posted by: Daniela Cabral
Date/Time: 20/10/14 11:15:00

The W4 Social Club is a club in Chiswick, set up by Rootless Garden at The Tabard Pub. It is open to anyone aged 55 and over who is interested in making friends, enjoying great pub food and getting stuck into new or familiar hobbies.

This Tuesday, the 21st of October, Jeanine from Chiswick Yoga will be running a Yoga workshop, so why not join Rootless Garden at the Tabard Pub for some relax time?

The Social Club runs nonetheless from 12 to 3 pm, so this Tuesday, come have a look (and a bite)!

P.S. If you like what you hear (or read) come see us at the address below, or, alternatively, check out the W4 or Rootless Garden's website!

ADDRESS: 2 Bath Rd, London W4 1LW

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