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Topic: Re:Golden Mile and adjacent redevelopments
Posted by: Iain Muir
Date/Time: 20/10/14 00:40:00

Local Authorities must consider each planning application on its own merits. As I understand it they cannot put the application into a wider context, hence piecemeal development, tick follows tock.... However by having a local plan/framework for a neighbourhood (I forget the current terminology) they can direct how the neighbourhood is shaped. In the past Section 106 Agreements were forced on developers requiring funding for (genuine) affordable housing, schools, transport, health etc as part of the planning permission. With the onset of the recession and later the new Government, builders stopped developing claiming lack of funding/profit. S106 requirements/expectations have been relaxed/renegotiated to encourage builders to develop the sites they own. S106 has since been revamped and we now have a GLA levy on developments as well,paying for Cross Rail etc. Affordable Housing is no longer actually affordable. We might argue about the detail of LBH'S 'Vision' for areas like 'Kew' (actually 'Brentford') Gate but at least its a framework to meet the very valid points you make. No doubt Adam Beamish will be along shortly to correct any errors in the rough analysis given above..... Iain

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