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Topic: Re:Unleaded 122.9
Posted by: Sean Wales
Date/Time: 15/10/14 11:33:00

I spend many hours and do many miles on the road each year and have time to make my own comparisons for fuel.

After various tests of my own I concluded that supermarket fuel does not perform as well as major branded fuels and my car does not run as well on supermarket fuel. I definitely get more mileage out of BP that eg Sainsburys or Tesco fuel.
Out of the major branded fuels I prefer BP all round performance in terms of mileage and smoother running of car.
Shell Premium fuel is best by far but I refuse to pay the price.

So BP regular it is for me. I definitely get more mileage and better performance than with any of the cheaper fuels.

I also tested supermarket premium fuels and these are a complete waste of time compared to their regular fuels.

It is all down to the additives applied by each vendor.

Petrol stations all buy their fuel from exactly the same sources but different additives are added by each supplier.

Supermarket fuels do occasionally cause damage to cars too. Last month eg a Tesco fuel station in Hampshire caused up to 5000/each worth of damage to about 500 cars by supplying poor quality fuel. They are only offer to cover the repairs for those who have retained their receipts so that is worth bearing in mind too.

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