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Topic: The Breaks - superb band.
Posted by: Adrian Ellis
Date/Time: 14/10/14 16:50:00

Anyone see The Breaks on Saturday night at the Hogarth?
What a superb gig! Before you ask - yes I am a great fan of them.
The atmosphere was just brilliant and just two songs in the dance floor was packed. Was really one of the best gigs I've been to for a long time - and that includes the famous lot too.
What do they play? To mention just a few... Rock the Casbah, Take Me Out, Hard to Handle, Town Called Alice and I Predict a Riot.
There are covers bands ... Then there's The Breaks. So professional I actually prefer some of their versions to the originals!
Catch them this Saturday at The Bloomsbury on Stains Road or Google them. See them, book 'em - whatever you'll be in for a superb treat. Go on... Dare you to have a fab night out.

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