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Topic: Force Letter from Police....
Posted by: Simon Kent
Date/Time: 13/10/14 14:40:00

Hi All,

I was woning if someone out there could offer me some Advice on how to
ago around a big Problem.

Well to cut a long Story short the Facts are
I am Taking an Ex Tenant to Court for Damages what She Has done to our property saying:

The letter states  (my brother) and  (myself) have received an official Harassment warning Contrary to Section 2(1) and (2) of the protection from Harassment Act 1997, regarding their course of conduct towards Said Tenant.

he above statement is not true, myself or my brother have not been given any police warnings and it is wrong that the police can provide statements that are not true.

Also the Letter goes on to Say that when I Had to call out the police about the former tenant's step-father turning up at my Address and threatening violence & using slanderous terms and saying that he  and associates of their family was watching us every time we left that property, we had to call the police but now the Police say to us that they have No Record of that on there Computers.

So this Letter form the police Make my Self & My brother look bad so was wounding if there was any way around this??

Please Help if you Can.

Thanks for any Advice Given.


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