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Topic: Re:Re:tablet recommendations
Posted by: George Turner
Date/Time: 10/10/14 17:18:00

Hanspree 10.1 Ebuyer have these cheap at, I think, 80 with free delivery.

I did have one of these a while back but found it a bit uninspirational. Ideal World flog these from time to time and charge far more. They do a tremendous ad job on it when they are selling it saying that Hanspree are a big maker of the tablet displays. One thing is that its quite heavy, check the weight. It didn't seem very fast to me. Perhaps mine was duff?

I ended up (for my own use) with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (3g model), its ok, a bit slow and its heavy at 894g including the Belkin case. New Samsung tabs are well over-priced for what you get but the build quality is brilliant.

This may def not suit you but I think I would go for a generic quad core model off ebay - these can be a risk, but I got one (for a friend) quad core ( the Cube) from ebay with a Retina display a few months back and so far all is ok. Some Chinese apps can't be removed which is a minor issue - but its fast and the screen is ipad standard. The cost of that one (10.1 inch display) was 130 a few months ago.

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