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Topic: Re:Kittens!
Posted by: Louise Cole
Date/Time: 08/10/14 22:43:00

Sangeeta, please look at Haws as they are a local, independent, no-kill (i.e. we never put a healthy animal to sleep), animal rescue charity, focussing mainly on felines.  They have lots of kittens at the moment (in fact I am fostering 5 x 7 week olds and their Mum, who are lovely and great fun.

You will need to apply online and then will be home checked.  When you meet your homechecker and are approved you can tell them about which kittens online you are interested in.  Once you've agreed which ones you would like to see you will be given the foster carer's phone number and come and meet the kittens in their foster home.  You won't be able to take kittens immediately - you and the foster carer need to sleep on it to ensure that you are making the right choice.

Once the kittens are 9 weeks old, have been micro-chipped and have had their first vaccination, you will be able to come and collect them.

There will then be a follow up check to ensure that all is well (and that you have had the kitten neutered/spayed if its not already done).

Please note HAWS don't allow adoptions of kittens to people without a garden as they feel the kittens need the chance to go outdoors.  You must also own your own home, due to the issues with people renting who then move and find they can't find somewhere else to go where they can take their pets and then they come back to HAWS for re-adoption.

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