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Topic: Upcoming "Stray Dogs in Focus"  Exhibition
Posted by: S Powell
Date/Time: 07/10/14 11:52:00

I appreciate that this exhibition is not on our doorsteps, but it is very worth while (and free!) and will be raising awareness for a very important and often overlooked issue. I know there are lots of other dog lovers in Chiswick, so please do help spread the word, thanks!

"FOUR PAWS is delighted to announce that from 27th October through to 1st November 2014, we will be holding a unique and powerful photographic exhibition ‘Stray Dogs in Focus’ in the iconic Menier Gallery in London.

Showcasing a collection of photographs by renowned animal photographer Jo Sax, the exhibition reveals the challenges faced by stray and abandoned dogs across the UK, as well as providing an insight into the life of strays in Romania.

The exhibition will also highlight the positive adoption stories which can transform the dogs’ lives, and features well-known celebrities photographed with their beloved rescue dogs."

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