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Topic: Re:need a home for 2 lovely cats
Posted by: Tomasz Keller
Date/Time: 06/10/14 11:45:00

Are they good with small dogs? I have a very large garden and a number of cats, (four recently rescued) they get on really well, always well fed, mine follow me everywhere, I am at home all the time so can give them love and attention,, my animals are spoilt rotten call me (emma on 07948143265) I recently rescued a 14 year old chiuahua and my animals love him, they all eat together, sleep together, i live in a quiet road ( only 8 houses ) All my animals are spayed and vaccinated. They all have a great temperament, after I rescued Lucky (named as she was lucky we found her) and her babies they have taken them all under their wing.

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