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Topic: Re:Moazzem Begg - warning of what happens if we let politicians trash justice
Posted by: Thomas Barry
Date/Time: 02/10/14 22:01:00

Turns out MI5 knew full well what Begg was doing and approved - the UK government then arrested him, froze his assets (without needing to prove anything in court) and didn't inform the police and CPS until yesterday, when the case collapsed after an entirely innocent man had spent several months in Belmarsh at our expense.  Let's be clear, they knew all along he was innocent, but left him to rot.  Since he's been involved in trying to expose British links with torture and rendition it's not hard to conclude that he upset someone.

The people who brought you this nonsense now want to make ancient British rights to freedom of expression and religion (and others) 'conditional' on the say so of a politician.  No thanks, that's not the Britain I live in.  What's become of us as a nation if a supposedly mainstream political party is offering us a fascist policy as part of its manifesto?

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