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Topic: CHR coffee shops – the review...
Posted by: Stuart Kerr
Date/Time: 02/10/14 13:02:00

Well done Gordon for taking the time and trouble to write a review (Poundland).  I was once told by an old pro that the way to criticize anything is first look for what's brilliant.  Then what's good.  And only after that is the serious critic entitled to put the boot in....

So on that theme, here's my review of all our beloved local coffee shops.  The ones on the High Road so lovingly lauded and praised on's Favourite Spots thread....

They're all sh*ite.  Every single one of them.  Overpriced yuk and tosh not worth a light of anyone's money.  Pallid dishwater..

Thankfully you can pick up a half-decent cup of coffee off-piste of our overblown, extortionate  High Road – the bloke by the bridge on TGT for example.  And Devonshire Road I'm told (but haven't tried).

As any traveller will tell you - traditional 18th century Viennese coffee houses all over Europe make proper coffee.  Anywhere and everywhere that was influenced by the Austro-Hungarian Empire.    You can even get it in Paris.  The tradition goes back a long way – they all grind their own beans and that's what coffee should taste like.   With strudel.

I was in the Viennese Coffee house in Lviv a month ago when a customer told me this was the best coffee he'd ever had in his life...  Two things ..  one it cost less than50p . Two the guy was from Brazil.

PS:-  The Old Cinema is great for a pleasant ten minute browse - of hyper-inflated antiques and collectables. We pop in regularly.   But as a collector of art-deco statues and wall masks I reckon the OC usually wants at least double the value of any object I know a bit about.  Sometimes more!     

Just advisin'.....

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