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Topic: From "Find Alice Gross" on Facebook today:
Posted by: Helle Kaiser-Nielsen
Date/Time: 02/10/14 10:51:00

This morning's message on Facebook ("Find Alice Gross") along with leaving political discussions for now etc:

MESSAGE FROM ADMINS. This is an extremely difficult, sad time for us all. Alice's story has touched everyone throughout Hanwell and the wider community and we're all reeling from the news of her death. We would ask that everyone please remembers that first and foremost this is a personal tragedy for the Gross family, and we stress our desire that their wishes are respected. We encourage people to leave their yellow ribbons up as a mark of respect and support. We do not encourage the laying of flowers. However, we and the family realise that the laying of flowers means a lot to many people and so, if people would like to lay flowers we ask that they please lay them at the Hanwell Clock Tower, which has become a focal point for the local community. Thank you for your continued support. ‪#‎OurCommunityCares‬

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