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Posted by: Steve Taylor
Date/Time: 30/09/14 22:20:00

•Untaxed vehicles - untaxed vehicles which are not abandoned are a matter for the DVLA. Untaxed vehicles can be reported anonymously here DVLA - Report an Untaxed VehicleOpens new window or by phoning the DVLA Road Tax Cheat Line on 08000 325202. If you have seen an untaxed vehicle which appears to be abandoned, we will investigate, but lack of a current tax disc alone does not make a vehicle an 'abandoned vehicle'.
•Cars "trespassing" on private property. Vehicles that are abandoned elsewhere (in car parks, by garages, on private land) are the responsibility of the relevant land owners.

The law on abandoned vehicles:
•The law requires Local Authority to remove vehicles which are apparently abandoned on highways, and some other land to which the public have access, subject to giving notice of removal
•Usually seven days notice is given
•In some circumstances we will only give 24 hours notice
•In exceptional circumstances, such as where the vehicle is an immediate danger to public, we may remove it without notice.

Contact the Police if vehicles are
•Parked in a dangerous position or are causing an obstruction
•In dangerous positions at the roadside after a road traffic accident
•Lost or stolen.

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