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Topic: Re:It's a sh*t jacuzzi....
Posted by: Philippa Bond
Date/Time: 23/09/14 16:00:00

It would help if people didn't block the sewers by putting stuff down them that shouldn't be down them.

When I did some research several years ago I found that there are products which we can buy which are marketed as "flushable" yet there appears to be no-one agreeing that they are acceptable to our sewage systems.  Thames Water-love them or hate them-say that the very minimum should be flushed down the loo - wee, poo and toilet tissue (ie the tissue paper that is designed to fall apart when wet).

Add to that the number of households and commercial organisations who tip oils and fat down the drain and you get these fatbergs. 

Companies cooking commercially should get themselves a used cooking oil collection.  In Ealing these used to be free but that may have just been a start-up project.

If one of these commercial companies near me did not appear to be doing this I would introduce them to this website:

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