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Topic: Re:Newly pregnant
Posted by: Florence Hitchcock
Date/Time: 23/09/14 09:47:00

Definitely! Blooming Bunch hosted by Bev Turner in Maggie and Rose. It's such a lovely class: covers everything NCT does but in a much more informal, sociable and relaxed way. Maggie and Rose is a lovely venue (and Bev plies you with biscuits, diet coke and grapes plus booze for dads-to-be who are welcome at all sessions). Great way to meet local preggos, chat through any worries, learn lots and (most importantly) giggle a lot! Pam Wild was Bev's midwife and is now on hand at the Blooming Bunch to answer all your medical questions as well as give personalised support if you need a second opinion or a sympathetic ear. Highly recommended and excellent value for money. Good luck!

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