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Topic: Re:Computer help please
Posted by: John McDonnell
Date/Time: 19/09/14 15:00:00

Try this: Click Start> Computer, do you see Favourites towards the top left? If not, select the Organise drop down (also towards the top left) then go to Layout and select Navigation Pane.

You should then see Favourites from top the left hand side. Do you see Desktop in there? If not, right click on Favourites and select Restore Favourite Links.

If this doesn't do it in Word go to File> Save As and browse to:

C:\Users\(Your username)\

you should see the desktop in there. This assumes C: is the name of your local hard disk.

Before you select it to save, right click on it and if you get the option to 'Include in Library' that should help it show on the left hand side.

I'm pretty sure the above should work for Vista, Windows7 and Windows8. Probably not XP, let me know if you have that.

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