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Topic: 'Burglars dressed up as police'
Posted by: Leslie Wilson
Date/Time: 15/09/14 14:23:00

Something to watch out for:

A father today told how he was handcuffed by two burglars disguised as police officers who ransacked his house and made off with hundreds of pounds in cash.

Ravi Patel, 55, was restrained after answering the door to two men in police helmets and high-visibility jackets who claimed to be acting on a drugs tip-off.

One of the men forcefully locked Mr Patelís hands behind his back before threatening to do the same to his wife Krishna, 36, if she did not co-operate.

The men claimed they had received a tip-off that drugs were being dealt from the £600,000 house in Wembley, before beginning a search, finding £800 in an upstairs bedroom.

Mr Patelís 15-year-old daughter and her friend were playing with his one-year-old son in the room next door, oblivious to the burglary. The pair made their escape, leaving Mr Patel in the handcuffs, which can be bought online for £35.

Mr Patel, an auditor, said: ďThere was a knock on the door and these two guys were there in full uniform, very convincing, right down to their shoes which were polished up quite nicely. There was a fair bit of detail they had put into their disguises.

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