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Topic: We are Changing your Street Lights
Posted by: Paul Allen
Date/Time: 12/09/14 10:58:00

After approximately 18 months of the new LED street lights being fitted to our street in Chiswick, I've had a Hounslow Highways leaflet posted through my door this morning.

The leaflet entitled “We are going to Change your Street Lights” in the coming months.

The leaf covers many arguments aired on Chiswick forum when the new LED lights were installed all that time ago.

At first I thought that HH were going to replace the LED's already fitted for a newer type, but it  seems that it's information that should have been sent out about 2 years ago, before any new street lights were fitted. 

I think HH could have saved some money by targeting the streets that haven’t been converted to the new LED's yet, rather than allegedly block posting all streets in the area.  

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