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Topic: Grove Park Pay & Display
Posted by: Trudie Fuller
Date/Time: 11/09/14 18:12:00

Am I the only dimbo who cannot understand how this works, or how I should have made it work.†  On the ticket machine it says† - Up to 30 mins Free.† For more than 30 minutes it's £1.10 minimum charge for 30 minutes, then 10p per next 5 mins. (or possibly 10 mins., forget which but it's not relevant in my case today) Maximum time allowed 1 hour.

I needed to park for between 30 mins and 1 hour this morning between 10.30-11.30.† 

I got a free 30 mins ticket but needed to pay for the extra 30 minutes, which I did but of course, BOTH tickets expired at the same time!†  Was I supposed to wait until the free 30 mins had expired and then rush out of my appointment to buy the £1.10 ticket?†  Hardly convenient - could have been half naked if at the docs. or have wet hair if at Jo Blu's, or totally starkers if downstairs in the beauty treatment place!† What's the correct procedure?

Incidentally, the previous day during free time, some stupid woman parked so close to my car outside the shops there was barely room to squeeze between the two vehicles let alone actually open my door.†  Not altogether the woman's fault perhaps as those spaces are far too narrow but that's apparent so, great care has to be used to ensure you only half pull into the parking space, leaving access room for the two car owners on either side - probably get pinched by the Big Bro camera for obstruction if you've a long car and it's rear end is sticking out into the highway!† Can't win. Gotta get a bike - bit too long in the tooth for that and then there's all the worry of getting it pinched.† Stay home!

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