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Topic: Turn'em Clean - Bedford Road
Posted by: Ellen McNabb
Date/Time: 11/09/14 13:23:00

I just wanted to discuss the complete lack of customer service from this dry cleaners. Yesterday, I picked up a skirt which I had paid 16.90 to replace the zip (quite expensive as well). When it was returned to me the zip looked exactly the same so I made sure to ask are you sure this has been replaced? And they immediately assured me that this was the case. I then tried it on this morning and the zip broke completely, worse than before as it was clearly the same zip! I decided to take it back only to be greeted by the Manager who was extremely rude to me and did not even apologise or take any responsibility until I pointed this out to him after a 20 minute discussion. He kept saying that it wasn't their problem anymore, the tailor isn't here, they don't have the zips, sometimes the zip breaks if you pull it too hard (i.e. blaming me)... He refused to believe me or listen to what I was saying - that the zip clearly had not been replaced, and was not proactive or understanding in any way. When I asked for a refund (which hadn't even been offered) he refused! I will never be using their services again and I wanted to see if anybody else had issues with them previously?

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