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Topic: Wanted: Mums giving birth in October/November!
Posted by: Dorothy Grace Mcneill
Date/Time: 11/09/14 11:31:00

Hello all,

I'm looking for a pregnant lady who is due to give birth around mid-October to early November. It's a requirement of my MA in Child Psychotherapy that I complete a two year infant observation.

The mother (along with the father) would have to be willing to allow me to observe her and her baby for 40 visits per year, for an hour each visit, for the first two years of her baby's life.

The purpose for me is to observe a baby and mother developing a relationship within a family setting in order to learn as much as possible about these vital early years and intimate relationships by simply watching.

I know it's a big ask and whilst there doesn't seem to be anything in it for the mother, almost all who volunteer say how much they come to value the weekly visits. The other bonus is that they are actively contributing towards the advancement of understanding in the sphere of child (and adult) mental health!

Please let me know if you would consider volunteering or know anyone who might. Or if you work with pregnant or new mothers locally and might be able to help me find someone your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and best wishes


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