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Topic: Re:Cheap ipads etc
Posted by: Leslie Wilson
Date/Time: 09/09/14 17:04:00

Here's a post from the MSE site:

feel foolish to have fallen for this but cannot un-do what I have done .

Attracted by what appeared to be a good way to get high tech goods for a bargain basement price,I became a Swoggi Member and had to buy credits in order to bid for the items I wanted .

Foolishly,I bought 250 credit because I thought I might have to go that high to get my hands on the iPad I wanted .
I started bidding and soon grew tired of having to bid constantly ,only to be outbidded at the last second .So,I decided to call it a day and cancelled my account .

And this is when the problem started ! I asked for a refund of the money left on my now closed account and was told by their "customer service" ,the matter was now in the hands of their refund department and that I would get my money -minus- 15 for admin - within three weeks .

That was on the 2nd of May and now more than three weeks later ,I still do not have the funds refunded and worse ,they do not answer my emails .

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