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Topic: bread making machine
Posted by: Jane Willingale
Date/Time: 07/09/14 08:45:00

I made the mistake of telling my elderly (103) blind friend that I had made bread.. Now she wants to make her own... ( No it is not the same as me making it for her)! she is very determined.. but I don't think she is up to kneading!
However I do know her well and I am reluctant to go and buy her a bread making machine as I am not sure if this is the best idea?  (She bought a liquidizer from a catalogue and cannot use it on her own) Does anyone have one in the cupboard under the stairs they don't want?
So we can experiment and see if this is a good idea... alternatively can any one recommend a brand of machine that is easy to use,  i.e. not too many dials!  and that is relatively inexpensive...

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