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Posted by: Barbara Robinson
Date/Time: 03/09/14 17:38:00

I looked into this last year for redoing a large area of concrete but didn't pursue it as it was going to be so expensive.  The better system is bound gravel rather than bonded, as it is porous and you don't need to apply for planning permission to install it. As I recall, "bonded" is just a layer of glue on top of laid gravel, which doesn't last as long. I got details from and  Sureset had an approved installer who came to quote.  He was very professional in his approach but would have had to travel a long distance (from Bournemouth to East Wittering) to do the work.  There may be a wider choice of installers for London which might reduce costs, and you also say you only want a small area done.  The main cost is in preparing the layers of ground underneath the gravel so that it is properly porous.  Hope this helps.

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