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Topic: Help to save the Arctic
Posted by: Leslie Wilson
Date/Time: 02/09/14 18:03:00

Shell have just announced they’ll try again to drill for oil in the Arctic. If they succeed, and the Arctic is torn apart for oil, the home of polar bears and snowy owls could be destroyed.

But if we can get world leaders to agree an international treaty to protect the Arctic, it could stop them. To get world leaders’ attention, we need some people with extra loud voices to speak up alongside the 5 million of us who’ve signed the Save The Arctic petition.

Who do we want to speak up? Scientists, politicians, celebrities, business and community leaders will all help to draw attention to the need for Arctic protection. And Greenpeace supporters have already got 863 of them to publicly declare their support.

We want to have 1,000 names before we start meeting with leaders of countries like Canada and Norway, that control parts of the Arctic, in just 6 days.

So far, everyone from the leader of Edinburgh City Council to Emma Thompson has signed. Do you know a local business, political or faith leader - or even an A-list celeb who might join in?!

If you do and would consider asking them to support the Arctic campaign, click below to leave your name, the person you know’s name and your contact details. Then we’ll email or call you in the next day or two to chat about it:

If you want to read the full text of the Arctic Declaration and see who’s already signed, you can find out more here:

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