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Posted by: Pete Mayes
Date/Time: 02/09/14 16:45:00

A Uber Driver

Uber recent fare reduced by 15%

Uber has over 10,000 drivers in London. Now on average drivers are paying £160 in commission. There are drivers who pay £100 and some are even paying £300. If we do the maths and use the average figures Uber is making 10,000 (drivers) x £160 = £1,600,000. Now that over £1 and half million pounds (this is figure is their low income). Uber is simply greedy !

The recent fare deductions are not right. Uber want to kill off all the market for other company’s . Drivers will have no choice but to work for Uber. They could have easily reduced Drivers commission also.
We drivers need to make a stand. We will be holding a protest soon. We want Uber to understand it is the drivers who made Uber what it is today!!

1. Uber is worth £18 Billion and drivers commission is still 20%. Uber can reduce this to 10% and still make good profit.
2. We need a Tip option on Uber platform as it is for Uber Taxis.
3. Uber should not be able to hire (drivers) their way out of bad management. We need a reasonable number of cars on the roads and not exceed demand. Currently drivers have constant fear of being deactivated due to bad feedback.
4. A complaint procedure in place should drivers not be happy with any driver Operation team in the office.
5. A driver only union were Uber consult with the union before any major decisions are action such as fare deduction or commissions increase. The unions should be solely run by drivers.

Please drivers like these pages and register on

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