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Posted by: Phil Andrews
Date/Time: 26/08/14 21:10:00

Stansted doesn't seem to be a very popular destination amongst cab drivers.  I think the problem is that companies are competing with one another for the business in a crowded market and are offering prices to customers which make the journey unviable to the drivers.

Recently I booked a cab to Stansted with Air Call a month in advance yet when the driver arrived he told me he would not take me to Stansted but would take me to Gatwick instead (not much use as my plane was flying from Stansted).  When I 'phoned the controller he apologised and promised me he would send me another driver.  When he turned up he wouldn't go to Stansted either!

It is worth checking before booking a cab to Stansted that the driver is aware of the destination and is happy to take you there for the price quoted.

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