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Topic: Car engine immobilizers
Posted by: Joe Conneely
Date/Time: 26/08/14 20:44:00

The New York Times reports that auto thefts have fallen by 96% in New York between 1990 and 2013, mainly the result of the wide-spread adoption of engine immobiliser systems. I must admit to not being a car owner and suspect NYC may have started at a higher level of auto theft than W4 in 19990 (!), but does anybody know if such systems are used to nay extent in the UK and if not why not?

Recent articles on loss of high value cars in London (notably BMWs I understand due to their type of security systems) would seem to raise if they are not being used, why not?

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Car engine immobilizers26/08/14 20:44:00 Joe Conneely
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