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Topic: Re:BT Yahoo mail is closing?
Posted by: Gordon McDonald
Date/Time: 26/08/14 12:24:00


How do I know if an email from BT is genuine?

For starters, BT never sends emails with attachments. If you receive an email which seems to be from us, but which has an attachment, you should delete it immediately without opening it.

You may see emails claiming to be from BT saying that some of our email services are closing. If you receive an email like this and it's showing an unknown address or 'undisclosed recipients' in the 'To' or 'From' fields, you should delete it straight away. 

We also never ask you to "verify your account details" via email. You should never send your account details in an email either, unless you're using one of our secure email forms at

If an email contains a link which seems to go to a BT page, it's worth checking if the link will really take you there or somewhere else.

To do this, hover your mouse over the link (without clicking). The web address (URL) will show up in the bar at the bottom of your browser.

If BT has genuinely sent you an email about your account, the link is likely to be to an address which starts with one of the following:

If you're concerned at all, just don't click on any links in an email or reply to it, especially if it's about confirming or updating your personal or billing details. You can always safely sign in to see details of your account at And if you need to get in touch, then you can safely contact us via

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