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Topic: Re:Re:Richmond Park Cyclist R.I.P/Londons Air Ambulance
Posted by: Trudie Fuller
Date/Time: 25/08/14 11:51:00

Sorry to learn of this poor fellow's demise despite the best efforts of the London Air Ambulance Service.   "The 40-year-old man was taken by London's Air Ambulance to the Royal London Hospital in a critical condition."

Do you know there is only ONE Air Ambulance covering the entire area within the M25 - that's only ONE air ambulance for over 10 million people!   London's Air Ambulance is a charity relying heavily on the generous support of the public - they are currently appealing for more funds to enable them to add a second air ambulance so that they can provide cover 24/7.   Other major cities, Paris for example has 4 Air Ambulances for a much smaller population. See online  or via email:- or Tel no. 020 7220 5470 and make a donation.  HELP SAVE LIVES.   Anyone of us may need their help in the future.

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