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Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 23/08/14 20:59:00

Skinners sheds.About 5 years ago we bought a summer house from these people.It's 10x8 and made of good quality timber which was treated for an extra £50.The house cost £400 and to have it professionally assembled by the delivery crew cost another £150 which was well worth it.It took the crew half a day to assemble it, and these are prople that do it all the time.I would probably still be building it, and it'd be lopsided.You must have a good base otherwise the company will not do the assembly. (If you need a good concrete base contact† Ken Kilby ) Contact me if you want his details.As I said, this was about 5 years ago, but the house is still like new.The company are still trading.I spentca long time researching all the different companies and Skinners were way ahead of any others, and much cheaper.I expect prices will have increased since then, but I'd be surprised if Skinners were'nt still the best, and cheapest

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