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Topic: Re:babysitter needed
Posted by: Diane Czerwonka
Date/Time: 18/08/14 07:28:00

I am writing on behalf of my Daughter Isabella who is a 17 and half year old Student at The Green School..she is looking for a local Babysitting job.
She has done work experience with St.Marys School so is used to small Children.
Whatever you want to give her cash wise is up to you. As I say I am writing on her behalf because I just happened to come across your Posting on the W4 Website.
If the position of Babysitting still available or if you need anyone in future...please call on 07900 886043 and ask for Isabella...
We live Chiswick.
Diane (Isabella's Mum)
07900 886043 after 3pm

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