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Topic: Re:Re:Garden Office
Posted by: Elizabeth Ross
Date/Time: 16/08/14 20:08:00

George Clark's programmes on small buildings put forward some amazing ideas. On the other hand I have seen some really lovely buildings tucked into the back of gardens which are totally inoffensive to the neighbours.

Do some research into both modern and traditional style and then perhaps sketch out what you have in mind and find a good carpenter to create your vision. Good insulation, sound electrics for all those sockets modern equipment requires these days and perhaps a cold water tap so you can make the endless cups of tea and coffee that working people need.

Consider painting the 'office' a gentle colour to blend in. A great idea but it will not be cheap - I think 12,000 to 20,000 depending on what you have in mind and size.

Remember if you are in a conservation area, you will need to apply for planning and, the most important thing is to go round for a preliminary chat with your neighbours all round to sound them out. Don't even think of 2 storeys because that does get the neighbours up in arms.

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