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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Lauren Bacall - RIP
Posted by: David Marles
Date/Time: 14/08/14 18:05:00

I had heard this too but a little research on the internet has unearthed a quote from Howards Hawks: "We had a hell of a time trying to find a girl to sing with as low a voice as Bacall's.  So I got Andy Williams, and we took all the music he recorded and let Bacall mouth it to his singing.  But she was singing at the same time, and I thought she sounded better than Andy Williams.  So we went back and did the whole thing over again.  It was all her singing.  There was another picture where she sang, "The Big Sleep".  And that was her voice too."  (punctuation as per the book "Hawks on Hawks" by Joseph McBride (1982))

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